A Wagyu specialty restaurant SHABUI

Savor the Wagyu Shabu-shabu with traditional “dashi”.

We use 3 kinds of carefully selected black wagyu, Ozaki Beef, Kumamoto Black Beef and shiraoi Beef. Without using any artificial seasonings, we cook with the ingredients’ natural flavors. Have a relaxed time in a Japanese style space.


Dinner Menu

Ozaki Beef Shabu-shabu & Ozaki Beef Steak Course ¥22,000

Hokkaido Shiraoi Beef Shabu-shabu & Steak Course ¥14,800

Delivered Directly from Tanaka Chikusan, Kumamoto Black Beef Shabu-shabu ¥9,800

Ozaki Beef Chateaubriand Steak ¥9,000

Lightly Grilled Black Wagyu Nigiri ¥1,000

Lunch Menu

Black Wagyu Beef Sukiyaki Rice Box ¥3,500

Black Wagyu Beef Curry ¥1,800

Black Wagyu Beef Hamburger ¥1,800



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