AFURI Ramen 01

AFURI Ramen + Dumpling Setsu Niseko

Naturally derived umami broth with Spring water

Our ramen is handcrafted in-house daily. We offer homemade gyozas, appetizers,our drink selection besides ramen will make your visit enjoyable and relaxed.


  • “Yuzu Shio": Golden Soup With A Fresh Yuzu Extract¥1,500
  • “Yuzu Ratan Ramen" Gets An Extra Touch Of Heat¥1,500
  • “Hazelnut Tantan" Vegan Featured Noodle¥1,600
  • “Yuzu-Tsuyu" Refreshing & Tasty Noodles¥1,500
  • “Soft Shell Crab Bun" Fried Crab With Bun¥850
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Niseko Curry Goya 01

Niseko Curry Koya

Hot and tasty! Authentic soup curry. Limited stock of our take-away curry pouches too!

  • Soup Curry
Niseko Sakura 01


Best wagyu beef + excellent soup = best shabu-shabu

  • Japanese
  • /
  • Hotpot
Crab Dining Kanon 02

Crab Dining Kanon

Book your table today for the best crab & shabu-shabu cuisine in town.

  • Japanese
  • /
  • Hotpot