Farmer's Soba Restaurant Yoteizan

Freshly milled, made and boiled Botan Soba noodles!

Enjoy the noodles made from our home-grown Botan Soba buckwheat, which is harvested in the fields spread around the restaurant, and the spring water from Mt. Yotei, whilst looking out over the mountain as it seasonally changes colour.


Juwari Seiro Soba (made from 100% buckwheat flour and served on a wickerwork tray) ¥820

Ebiten Seiro Soba (served with prawn tempura) ¥1,520

Noukou Tounyu Seiro (served with soup made of thick soymilk) ¥1,020

Kitsune Soba (topped with deep-fried bean curd) ¥970

Course meal - dinner only, booking required ¥8,000〜¥15,000



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