Japanese Izakaya And Thai Food Izakaya Kougetsu Tuktuk 01

Izakaya Kougetsu & Tuktuk

Unique regional specialties and Thai food

Izakaya Kougetsu and local favourite TUKTUK Thai team up to bring the best of both mouth watering worlds to Niseko in one restaurant. Exquisite menu favourites include Hokkaido oysters, juicy dumplings, spicy Tom Yum and succulent Pad Thai.


  • Assorted Sashimi, Oysters, Grilled Fish¥650~
  • Thai Food (Tom Yum, Spring Roll, Pad Thai Etc)¥350~
  • Tapas Sides & Sets (Edamame, Kimuchi Etc...)¥450~
  • Hot Pot (Hokkaido Ishikari, Wagyu Shabu Shabu)¥1,200~
  • Draft Beer, Wine, Sake, Whisky, Cocktails¥550~
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