Niseko nikugoya

Best of Hokkaido's meat, all served here!

Hokkaido Kuroge Wagyu, Furano 'Yongenton' Pork, Atsuma 'Sakura-hime' Chicken.
Top brand meat of various kinds cooked with care by our chef. Grab a bite of our signature hamburger, or treat yourself to our A5-rank sirloin steak!


Kuroge Wagyu Hamburger (with fries) ¥1,200

Kuroge Wagyu Hamburg Steak (with rice, fries, soup) ¥1,400

Kuroge Wagyu A5-rank Sirloin Steak ¥3,800

Kuroge Wagyu Red Meat Steak ¥2,400

Yongenton' Pork Chck-roll Steak ¥1,400



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