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ristorante pizzeria “R Niseko”

authentic Neapolitan pizza and Italian cuisino.

You can enjoy authentic Italian cuisine and Neapolitan pizza that make full use of Hokkaido ingredients, created by a chef who used to be the head chef at an Italian restaurant that is difficult to book in Tokyo.
We also have a bar space where you can enjoy Japanese whiskey and beer and wine.


  • Pizza Margherita(14Inch)¥2,400
  • Italian Steak "Tagliata" Using Wagyu Beef From Hokkaido.(Beef 300G)¥6,300
  • Pizza "Granchio" Using Crab From Hokkaido. (14Inch)¥3,300
  • A Prefix Course That Uses Plenty Of Hokkaido Ingredients.¥8,000〜
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