Sushi & Wine Sushidokoro Tetsu in Niki-cho

DIY sushi rolls for lunch, traditional sushi and wine for dinner!

Make your own sushi rolls for lunch - families are most welcome! Enjoy a classic sushi course with wine for dinner (*booking required for dinner 2 days in advance). We offer exceptional sushi made with local fish from Yoichi both fresh and aged.


Lunch: DIY sushi roll set (booking required/available from 2 persons or more, 2,000 yen/person) ¥4,000

Lunch: Chirashizushi (various sashimi on sushi rice) of the day (limited to 10 sets/day) ¥1,500

Dinner: Ume Course - Chef's choice assorted sushi using Yoichi's seasonal fish served at a reasonable price ¥3,500

Dinner: Matsu Course - Chef's choice assorted sushi using Hokkaido's fresh seasonal ingredients ¥7,000

Dinner: Salmon Course – using Yoichi salmon prepared with ultimate blood extraction method ¥5,000