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La villa LUPICIA Restaurant

Eat Hokkaido, Enjoy Niseko.

La villa LUPICIA is produced by the world tea specialist, LUPICIA. This culinary destination consists of a boutique selling freshly baked bread, delicacies, and ice cream made with tea, a tea shop selling LUPICIA tea, and a restaurant serving dishes made with seasonal ingredients from Hokkaido. The restaurant offers a wide variety of mountain and seafood dishes, including vegetables, dairy products and meats grown in the Niseko area, as well as seafood from the Shakotan Peninsula. We hope you will enjoy our ever-evolving cuisine that brings out the full flavor of the ingredients.


  • Lunch Combo¥2,800 ~
  • Cheese Fondue (2 servings)¥3,800
  • Charcoal Grilled Beef Fillet (140g) with Whisky Sauce¥3,800
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