Asahikawa Ramen Tozanken 01

Asahikawa Ramen Tozanken

Asahikawa's popular ramen, here in Niseko!

Full-bodied soup made from carefully selected pork, chicken, vegetables, and seafood. Our ramen is well known for a reason! We also serve "donburi" ricebowl dishes and more to fill your empty stomachs.


  • Ramen (Soy Sauce / Salt / Miso Flavours)¥900
  • Vegetable Ramen (Soy Sauce / Salt / Miso Flavours)¥1,100
  • Katsudon (Rice Bowl Topped With Fried Pork)¥1,250
  • Stir Fried Lamb And Vegetable Set Meal¥1,250
  • Katsu-Curry (Curry With Fried Pork)¥1,250
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