Keyspring Niseko 02

Keyspring NISEKO

A restaurant you visit on your special day with your loved ones

Enjoy Japanese cuisine prepared by top chefs at a mountaintop restaurant located away from busy area in Niseko. We use selected ingredients from all over Hokkaido to create beautiful dishes. Enjoy meals with Keith Haring Art.


  • Japanese Cuisine (10 Items)¥16,500
  • Japanese Cuisine (13 Items)¥27,500
  • Japanese Breakfast¥4,000
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P I C DININGA nabeya 01

NISEKO A-nabeya

Hot-pots and sake to warm your heart and stomach!

  • Japanese
  • /
  • Izakaya
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A place to enjoy a nice conversation. Relax and have our special Wagyu Sukiyaki and sake

  • Japanese
  • /
  • Hotpot