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Black Wood Grill

Food from the hearth, with heart

The wood-fired grill takes centre stage at Black Wood Grill. The burning wood draws out distinct flavours, with each bite, smoky, earthy goodness lingers. From premium cuts to fresh local produce, it's refined cuisine with heart.


  • Wood-Fired Grill Makkari 'Herb' Pork Course¥5,000
  • Wood-Fired Grill Wagyu Course¥9,000
  • Bwg Butchers' Block (Recommended For 2 People)¥22,000
  • Bwg Cheese Burger Set (Lunch Only)¥1,500
  • Makkari Pork Tonkatsu Burger Set (Lunch Only)¥1,700
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An intimate and more personal 'living room' experience.

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PIC Diner

P.I.C. - Hamburger using ingredients from Hokkaido!

  • Bar
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